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Peter Burian
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Peter Burian I'm used to that some artists have good period for some time and then whole their production falling down. But this is not a case of FOOTB. FOOTB surprised me again. Young band from NR(Slovakia) with worldwide ambition :) Favorite track: Nova.
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released December 12, 2015


all rights reserved



LUVVER Nitriansky kraj, Slovakia

we'll always know who we are


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Track Name: Tonight
like a touch from the sky
clearly empty now
from the eyes alone
to their soul
it's a touch we've learned

no need pointing out it's the same
disclosed as silent
we crawl to our minds and decay into just tonight

in our place we're still a part of a mountain high
circling in our time
we could sail for miles, i see it now
all the places we conquer
do we let it out?
all the noises and cries stay silent
in our minds we decayed into just tonight

but we were wrong babe
Track Name: Nova
turning away from clocks to see more of this time
will become your only sable bridge that leads your fable
turning away from black to heal, to feel alive
it can close your mind, light the night, terrify

would you burn my body straight
let's enjoy this while we can
this time
yes, you wont be my enemy
a world this cold and raw won't make us free

fade from all that you've become
side by side we came undone
oh, would i lean on you
i see you, i feel your side
i just hope you won't go nova

we will fall
would you burn my body straight
let's enjoy this while we can
this time
yes, you won't be my enemy
a world this cold and raw won't make us free

deep down
you can burn my body straight
if you deal with all the waste
you know what you meant to me
we were close to healing wounds
but were so blind

time will stand still
clocks are focal
now we're falling
nearing the ground
downward we go
down the spiral
to the point we die
Track Name: Up the hill
feed the beast with an animal
men set the rules
let's have more than we should
cold-blooded not by nature
proudly hanging antler trophies over us
i hope the nightmares hunt you down

holding crosses, using crossbows
loosen belts, pray, enjoy your main course
from the top to the top of all
are we people if there's laugh behind our veils?
on the hill we'll share disgrace

we'll run up the hill tonight
blindly follow lights
up the hill tonight
stoke with coal of life
up the hill tonight
make a torch from pine
up the hill tonight

all the static crumbles on your life
that's trying to make you think it over
an awful lot you maggots don't know
how many times you think you've seen the same bird twice?
cause you all are just
Track Name: Dva
time reconstructed in our minds seems muchly worthwile
say, coming back onto the tracks is what you've been trying
but weight that you've been holding up is making deep stamps
on your skin, on your mind
you made us all free and now it cost you too much

we feel drawn in

lights cover all the roads that are supposed to grow dark
reveal every secret that even the sky can't hide
you want to grow but above the root there's something nesting
teeth and claws, claiming all
the new is what is paralysing for the nurture of your own

we feel drawn in
Track Name: Mirrors
dream alone from the dawn of time
disbelief out of question
love affair between your fibers of mind
trying to be proud

through the waves on the sail to the lost
travel fares of a crow
turn your face to the crushing mass
try to feel alive

please set ye in line

through a mirror witness your whole life
what do you see? can you say you're proud?
throw your ways from a rooftop's height
just win that constant fight

please set ye in line

on the path of our duties we pass on the genes
on the path we pass just the best of all the good we achieved
and if our ancestors failed then we must prevail
and be the most of what makes us the best
eradicate everything else
and rethink our time in space
Track Name: Marked by isolation
sky, twin of mine, i'll wake the tales inside of you
you want me to shine and solarize
fade in, reinforce my mind
stratosphere, evoke silence in me

speechless in a wasteland
someway i'm evading limerence

and we through a flood of years unite in anarchy
in syzygy align the paths i've seen real

speechless in a lightline
someway embracing limerence

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